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Current Projects

  • Speaker Coaching for War Childs “Voice Your Mind“ Youth Advocacy Campaign - Details here

  • Mentor at MentorMe with ongoing mentoring sessions and facilitation of webinar - Details here

  • Founder & Facilitator of the MeetUp group "Reworked - Your Business Relationships" @Dussmann with regular workshops about digital change, modern leadership, teambuilding & company culture (Details here)

  • Assistant to Dipl.-Psych. Michaela Kaden in her systemic constellations workshops

  • Online-facilitation of the executive & leadership program "Navigator" of Basic Coaching & Consulting

  • Facilitator The Inner Work-Out - Details here


The first 8 years of my career, my job in the luxury Hotel industry has allowed me to live and work in many different countries - mainly Southeast Asia - which meant that I also had the chance to work with big and small teams from all over the world. After a few years I was promoted to the position of Teamleader and worked from then on in management positions.

This experience made me curious to learn as much as possible about teams, dynamics and eventually systemic thinking. 


From a conventional perspective I had quite an impressive CV but the reality was a different one. I didn’t treat myself very well, worked long hours and felt disconnected from myself and others. Then I discovered the beauty of group coaching sessions and a new, more mindful and happier chapter began.

Since 2012 I have been running my own business, coaching and guiding executives and people in leadership positions as well as helping groups become and work as teams.


I am endlessly fascinated by what can be achieved when people create the space for reflection and growth. I am deeply in love with what I do which I guess makes me somewhat of a philanthropist. 

What else? I am a wife, a mummy, I love traveling and books. I am a huge music admirer and could spend hours browsing the vintage markets of the world. There are even more details about my work in this podcast episode of Gedankendealer - in German language. 

QualifiCation Coaching & Training

  • 2018 Design Thinking, HPI, Potsdam​​

  • Since  2016    Systemic organisation and family constellation, Dipl.-Psych. Michaela Kaden, Berlin 

  • 2015 The essence of coaching, ACT Academy, Berlin

  • 2014 Accredited Trainer, IHK, Berlin  

  • 2013 Everything DiSC Authorized Partner, Wiley, Voss & Partner, Hamburg

  • 2011 The Apprentice; 12 months senior management training program, Holmes Place Lifestyleclubs GmbH, Berlin & Prag 


  • 2008 Train the Trainer, Six Senses, Malediven

  • 2006 Professional Development Program MMH: Marketing & Leadership Cornell Nanyang Institute of Hospitality Management, Singapur

  • 2002 – 2005 Commercial diploma in business administration, IHK, Berlin


Jules Grant
Sauerbruchstraße 15

D-14482 Potsdam

Tel: 0049 176 83 100 935

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© Jules Grant 2022

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