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SINGLE & ongoing sessions
Systemic Coaching
Ideal for anyone in a leadership position, founder, owner 


60 min

It can be all too easy to lose perspective and focus when juggling diverse roles. Together we will gain an overview of the situation and reflect on areas that need attention or an altogether different approach. We will reflect and set goals. 

Every leader has moments when they need a little bit of support. 


I offer focussed solutions and proven methods for working together, better.  No more winging it. No more experiments. 


You are already capable in your responsiblities, from managing employees to working together with customers and clients. You are good at what you do, but …




  • You feel like you often do the work that would actually be better handled by your employees

  • Too close? Too far? The management/employee relationship feels wrong.

  • Problems and criticism are not addressed effectively in your company

  • You want an optimal feedback culture

  • Often there is simply not enough time to reconcile professional and leadership tasks

  • Disagreements in the team paralyze the spirit, the effectiveness and thus the outcome

  • You are looking for a good balance between active leadership and practiced democracy in the team

  • You want to use the strengths and motivation of the employees to optimize team dynamics 

  • You are looking for an applicable method to identify the performance and development potential of employees


Our one to one sessions will be created to suit your individual needs.

You will receive recommendations and strategies that you can immediately implement in your daily work routine.

This is what your session looks like:



90 min

Once your goals are clearly defined, the next step is implementation. You'll get the tools and methods to meet your challenges, streamlining communication and building good relationships.


For the duration of 6 weeks after our live session you are welcome to contact me - for free - to discuss your progress. So whenever you feel like you want to check back just do it! I look forward hearing from you.

Before our meeting we will have an initial discussion on the phone or via Zoom, and you will receive a questionnaire to complete on your own. By the end of our first one to one session you will have an actionable to-do list.


Investment: EUR 455 (including needs analysis and materials).

ongoing sessions
Strategic Transition
Ideal for anyone who is ready to become an expert in modern leadership


Up your game! 


The culture in the workplace is changing rapidly and with it the demands on executives, with the focus moving towards empowering rather than directing employees.

If you want to be an example of modern leadership but are unsure where to start, then you have come to the right place.


I work with executives, founders and initiators of small and large organizations. They all have one thing in common: Rather than planners, directors, and controllers, they strive to be visionaries and coaches that support the people with the most relevant skills so they can lead, collaborate, and deliver exceptional results.


The Intensive Program includes:


  • Find out how you are perceived as a leader

  • Pin point the regular exercises for self-reflection that really work for you

  • Refine your communication style and learn to make "clear announcements"

  • Revise and optimize your structure to save time, money and minimize stress

  • Build teams that truly complement each other 

  • Become an expert in the areas of error and feedback culture

  • Work with inspired, motivated people

  • Build networks that are invaluable in any situation


The intensive program is designed individually for each client. In some areas you are already well equipped, others will be worked on more intensively.

With this program you get 6 sessions over a duration of 6 months. Included are a comprehensive needs analysis and an end of program feedback session.


Investment: EUR 1.650 (including needs analysis, feedback session & materials).


Jules Grant
Sauerbruchstraße 15

D-14482 Potsdam

Tel: 0049 176 83 100 935

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