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Systemic coaching for modern leadership


Understand the interaction of people and systems in your work context.


Change details. 

Watch growth.


I am Jules Grant.


There are moments in our working lives, when things feel out of control. Often the situation calms down by itself. However, sometimes it takes a little help to fix it and to sort the loose ends. That's what strategic coaching is all about.


The special feature of this type of coaching is the focus on the interaction between person and system (organization, company, team).

In the first step, we look at the needs and value orientation of the client and get a picture of the situation. We also define the desired outcome.

In the second step, we gain new insights about the system in question. This knowledge significantly supports coaching results and is often the starting point for further strategic measures.

Systemische Prozessbegleitung

Dr. Johannes Metzler

“Jules is a very special coach who manages to ask the right questions in order to make a solid decision. She helped me looking at my problem from different angles to find the solution that best suits me. In addition, I was able to identify many resources for the path ahead that really had a big impact. Thank you, Jules!” 


Jules Grant
Sauerbruchstraße 15

D-14482 Potsdam

Tel: 0049 176 83 100 935

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